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Suharevskaya 200 m, Turgenevskaya 620 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 650 m 32, Sretenka Street
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Bar&Club Crazy Daisy


Crazy staff and no chasers for alcoholic drinks

daily: 18:00–00:00

Rum, 40 ml: 200 rub. — 300 rub.
Whiskey: 200 rub. — 550 rub.
Cognac: 300 rub. — 900 rub.
Vodka: 150 rub. — 300 rub.
Tequila: 250 rub. — 400 rub.
Gin: 200 rub. — 300 rub.
Beer: 150 rub. — 350 rub.

Daisy’s prototype, the girl from the bar, became Daisy Duke — a sexy cousin of the main character from American TV-series The Dukes of Hazzard. By the way, ‘Coyote Ugly’ has nothing to do with that.

Daisy Duke, a simple girl from the country, turned into a sexy coquette and chatterer by introducing the fashion of wearing short shorts made of cut jeans.

Before the opening of the bar, its windows exposed the following advertisement, “Bar needs ladettes (no experience needed)”. Now, these ladies combine functions of barmaids and those of go-go dancers.

Each staff girl is a bright personality wearing jeans micro-shorts and checkered shirts. They all have a piece of Daisy Duke inside.

You will never get bored surrounded by these girls. They will always dance for you on the counter, drink brotherhood with you, discuss your pain-in-the-neck boss and give you a piece of advice on how to get rid of your importunate girlfriend or woo the guy you like.

We play Led Zepellin and American Woman by Jimi Hendrix, no DJ music (we believe this place does not need it). Interior style is soaked through with the concept — hay, country, and the US.

Each last Friday of the month, we make Crazy inventories selling all alcoholic drinks, including premium class, for just 50 rubles!

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Suharevskaya 200 m, Turgenevskaya 620 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 650 m
Moscow, 32, Sretenka Street

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