Places near «VDNH» metro station

Science Museum Polytechnical

Exhibition Centre All-Russia EC

TV Tower Ostankino

Climb the tallest tower in Russia

Museum Astronautics Museum

Scientifically credible museum with aesthetically expressive exhibits and installations

Cinema Сircular panorama

A unique soviet cinema attraction forgotten by everybody

Theme Park Ride / Attraction Koleso obozreniya

Museum Museum of animation

The magical world of animation

Aquarium Moskvarium

School Seasons

Monument Mosfilm's Sign

An ideal and a symbol of soviet period

School Calligraphy School

Man's beauty — the beauty of his writing.

Carting 10 dyuimov

Theatre Satiricon

The theatre of Arkady Raikin

Street art Flacone Facade

Alexey Kio created a painting on façade of “Flacone” design factory

Office Esquire

Beach Flacon's Beach

Beach with heated swimming pool, volleyball, ping-pong, cafe right next to «Flacon» design-plant

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