Places near «Polezhaevskaya» metro station

Recreational Science Museum Eksperimentanium

Scientific and entertainment center for learning science and natural phenomena

Cafe Hachapuri

Eat khachapuri, khinkali and other current Georgian food

Place Moscow City

‘Moscow international business center’

Lecture hall Umnaya Moskva

Shooting club Labirint

Club & Pub 16 tonn

Humanities center Punktum

Restaurant Shinok

  • Аня Масалова
  • Влад
  • Dmytro A. Ivanov
  • Анжелика Михайлова
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The best restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in Moscow

Building Federation Tower

Complex of two towers

Mediterranean Restaurant Sixty

Hippodrome Central Hippodrome

Bet at the oldest hippodrome in Europe

General Entertainment Graund Hodyinka

Park Fili

A park along bottom land of r. Moscow in the West of Moscow with area of 280 hectares

Club & Restaurant Krysha Mira

Street art For what

Works of Moscow team ”Zachem” and quotations from interview with Kirill Kto and Misha Most

Comfort Food Restaurant Nikuda ne edem

Bicycle rental Oliver Bayks

Bike rental, bicycle tours

Practice studio Suryaram

Pakistan Restaurant Gandhara

Concert Hall Stadium Live

A new concert and show stage that has no analogues in Moscow

Fastfood Cheburechnaya

While the country is crazy about imperialist fast food…

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