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Yuzhnaya 490 m Dnepropetrovskaya st., 2, «Global City»

Cinema Cinema Park


Tickets: 120 – 430 rub. (the later a show is, the more expensive are tickets)



Beside installation of traditional 3D projectors, cinemas of this chain are also equipped with a special “floating screens” that strengthen perception of a movie.

The latest know-how is an interactive information and reference panel installed in a lobby of every multiplex which gives access to a detailed repertoire by an individual request.

Frequent visitors

Popular Russian actors and directors present here their new movies.

A Box office and a movie theater attendance of Cinema Park not once has become a purpose for rewards in nomination “The Best Cinema in Russia”.

Cinema Park

A national chain of 3D theatres Cinema Park is No 1 in Russia.

— leading in number of screens, floating screens, 3D-halls and IMAX halls
— in number of multiplexes
— in number of seats
— in number of premiers
— in service quality ISO 9001
— in innovation technologies of cinema shows.

Cinema Park national chain had set the first digital projector in Russia and thus made a jump from film to digital shows.

All the cinema complexes of the chain are made in accordance with international certificate SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) – European technical standard for contemporary multiplexes.

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Yuzhnaya 490 m
Moscow, Dnepropetrovskaya st., 2, «Global City»

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