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Chkalovskaya 660 m, Kurskaya 810 m, Kitay-gorod 900 m Pokrovka, 18/18
  • (495) 623 79 16

Cafe Disco bar Caribe


Enjoy the atmosphere of hot summer radiating freedom and romance

Mon–Tue: 12:00–24:00
Wed: 12:00–03:00
Thu–Fri: 12:00–06:00
Sat: 17:00–00:00
Sun: 15:00–24:00

Beer — 150 rub. — 280 rub.
Tea — 150 rub.
Coffee — 80 rub. — 200 rub.
Fried potatoes with mushrooms — 200 rub.
Fried ‘Chevrette’ cheese — 300 rub.
Quesadilla — 320 rub.
Caribbean burger — 350 rub.

In the daytime, it is Latino background music and interior decorated with handicrafts by Cuban, Brazil and Mexican artists that contribute to the atmosphere of the Caribbean Islands.

The Mexican hall abounds in the colors of summer, joy and happiness: bright tablecloths, cacti, turtles, hot beach nook with a comfortable hammock, flip flops and bathing suits, as well as other design elements brought from Mexico.

A smaller Cuban hall radiates a home-like atmosphere, warmth and pacification of summer nights, pleasant aroma of sea salt candles.

Its spacious hall number three that connects to a separate dance floor with a large projector screen, was designed for those in love with hot and passionate Latin-American dancing. Pictures on the walls depict its most beautiful and dynamic dance moves.

On Fridays and Saturdays, ‘Caribe’ turns into a night club featuring live music by Latin-American and Russian performers, as well as disco dancing a la Latino-Retro-Pop until dawn.

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