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Chkalovskaya 380 m, Kurskaya 500 m Lyalin lane 7 / 2, block 1
  • (495) 917 32 95, 916 26 93

Restaurant Buloshnaya


Cream of rice with banana, strawberries, raisins, prunes, dried apricots, apple and peach — 130 rub.
Cottage cheese pancakes — 200 rub.
‘Babushka’s’ potato pancakes — 200 rub.
Apple strudel — 290 rub.
Wild berries with powdered sugar — 390 rub.
‘Saint Michel’ risotto — 410 rub.
Suckling pig, whole — 2,000 rub.

Past and present

The restaurant’s name ‘Buloshnaya’ (meaning ‘bakery’ in English) is a result of continuity. In 1898, at this very place, Egor Gordeev, a merchant of the first guild, built a beautiful house with a bakery on the main floor. It won popularity with its pastry and interior. After the revolution, however, it was nationalized.

In Soviet times, the bakery was still well-known for its products. In the mornings, pupils from a nearby school would drop by to buy freshly baked buns. Their teachers often took kids for excursions there to tell them about bread and bread making.

When the perestroika began, the bakery was turned into a storehouse and only in October 2003, it returned to its initial entourage in the form of a cafe called ’Buloshnaya’. Founders of the café respect the past, so they preserved elements of its previous interior: high stucco work ceilings painted in dark oil-base paint, forged handrails, large crystal chandeliers and a retro piano that also has its history. Classic ‘coffee’ tables match stylish couches.

Its conceptual décor element is a show-case with all kinds of confectionery. But ‘Buloshnaya’ doesn’t limit itself with desserts only and has a full restaurant menu featuring delicacies as well. The restaurant opens at 9 a.m. so it is a great place for breakfast. Friendly staff will welcome you with a ‘good morning’ and pour you a cup of black coffee. Finding fresh newspapers at your elbow, you will come to understand that your day is going to be really great!

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Chkalovskaya 380 m, Kurskaya 500 m
Moscow, Lyalin lane 7 / 2, block 1

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