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Taganskaya 250 m, Marksistskaya 360 m 33, Kotelnicheskaya Embankment
  • (495) 915 15 98

Restaurant Budvar


Taste Czech cuisine on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment

Crawfishes boiled in ‘Budweiser’ beer — 287 rub.
Crusty ‘Camambert’ cheese — 535 rub.
Light salted salmon with potato pancakes, quail eggs and herbs — 595 rub.
Meat plate — 590 rub.
Smoked venison carpaccio with cowberries — 395 rub.
Chilled lamb tongue — 393 rub.
Pieces of baked suckling pig — 495 rub.
Lamb medallions — 1,258 rub.
Beer — 325 rub.

Hits of Italian cuisine, wine and bar cartes are also on the menu.


It is a special place where parents bring their children, which they tell their best friends about and recommend to each other. Find out why! Visit ‘Budvar’ this evening, warm and quiet, just like the restaurant on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment.

The restaurant’s managed to combine features of a pub and a hospitable family restaurant.

At the restaurant, they serve ‘Budweiser’, light beer with rich sweetish taste and hop aroma; ‘Paulaner’, non-filtered beer with new wheat aroma (the favorite beer of Bavarian kings); or ‘Spaten’, amber-colored keg beer with mild taste and slight bitterness. Cocktails they serve at ‘Budvar’ are not a bit less popular: ‘Nut beer’, a mix of dark beer and nut syrup; ‘Prazhechka’, light beer with raspberry syrup. On the wine carte, you will also find various proprietary liqueurs, such as walnut and ginger liqueurs, cranberry and cowberry liqueurs, and barberry and orange liqueurs.

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