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Turgenevskaya 460 m, Chistyie prudyi 490 m, Lubyanka 500 m Bankovskiy Lane, 5
  • (495) 624 88 28 store, 624 74 73 cafe

Store & big cafe Lebedev's Big Cafe


Restaurant on Bankovsky Lane that has turned into a large cafe

Mon–Fri: 09:00–23:00
Sat–Sun: 11:00–23:00

WiFi and wall outlets are available


After several non-favorable reviews, Artemy Lebedev closed his restaurant. An extract from one of them, deliberately exaggerated, is posted below.

Instead of the restaurant, Lebedev opened a large café.

A review by Yevgeniya Kuyda, one of the employees of Afisha Publishing House, made the restaurateur break off his relations with the organization. He also used his personal blog as an arena for one-side debates and unflattering pot spots.

Yevgeniya continued writing restaurant reviews until December, 2010.

Place reviews

  • The place resembles a canteen in prison rather than the restaurant by the leading Russian designer who is famous for his perfectionism and obsessive critisism towards any activity by other people. If not for the outstanding and ambiguous image of the owner, this restaurant stands no chance of being classifies as 'the restaurant'.

    This review was commented on more than 300 times.

    the above text is a translation of the review abstract by

    Zhenya Kuida, 'Afisha'

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