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Kropotkinskaya 170 m, Arbatskaya 660 m, Borovitskaya 660 m Gogol Boulevard, 8
  • (495) 232 92 09

Restaurant Baba Marta

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The only Bulgarian restaurant in Moscow

Suckling pig stuffed with Bulgarian Christmas sausages — 850 rub.

Sterlet baked in champagne and stuffed with seafood cocktail — 950 rub.

Pumpkin mousse (dessert made of pumpkin, caramel, vanilla, nuts and cognac) — 160 rub.

About the restaurant

‘Baba Marta’ is the only restaurant in Moscow which serves authentic Bulgarian food continuing the longstanding traditions of the well-known restaurant ‘Mekhana Bansko’.

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine, authentic interior, an exclusive collection of Bulgarian wines, live music and dancing servers.
Family gastronomic holidays with Milka Ruseva. Bulgarian traditional holidays.

For Children

The restaurant features a children’s room with professional animators for parents to leave their children to and go have dinner.

In the room, there is a board with pieces of chalk, books, toys and DVDs with cartoons.

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