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Sokolniki Park

Attractions Attrapark-Sokolniki


Intended mostly for children, this attraction park has chamber of horrors and rope town

daily: 12:00–22:00

Whirligig — 200 rub.
Route at “Panda-Park” for children — 150 rub., the highest route — 300 rub.


There is a standard set of children carousels, shooting gallery, zorbs, boats, mountaineering hill, trampolines of different difficulty levels as well as “Crazy Dance” attraction with cabins dancing in all planes and a chamber of horrors with noisy carts — every chamber that wants to deserve this name must have them.

On a way to amusement site there is a “Panda-Park” — complex system of rope paths which were hanged 6 meters above ground on the trees. All activities here are under constant surveillance of experienced alpinists.
Management of park decided to remove all big and noisy attractions and left only carousels for children. Soon mini-zoo, tennis courts, cinema, sport ground and arbors will be built in Sokolniki.

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