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«Izmailovo Park,» Narodny prospect, 17

Attractions Attrapark Izmailovo


Attractions in summer, skating rink in winter

Children carousels — 80 rub.
Slide «Dragon» — 200 rub.
«Kangaroo» — 120 rub.
Attraction «Waltz» — 120 rub.

This year the amusement park at the Izmailovo Avenue celebrates its 7th anniversary.

The park base has 20 carousels for children and a few attractions for adults. Some attractions are quite old and run at half strength.

In winter the attractions do not run. And the rink is laid in the center of the park.

The «Dragon» roller coaster is 18 meters in height and has a loop. It is considered to be the main amusement attraction in the park.

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