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Chehovskaya 100 m, Pushkinskaya 330 m, Tverskaya 360 m Bolshaya Dmitrovka street, 32, building 1
  • (495) 650 39 71

Restaurant ArteFAQ


Specifically and eclectically decorated restaurant

daily: 12:00–06:00

Light salad with grilled beef — 460 rub.
‘Roast beef’ salad — 310 rub.
Mussels in olive sauce — 320 rub.
Quesadilla — 440 rub.
Brushette with spianata romana salami — 170 rub.
‘Tom yam kung’ soup — 220 rub.
‘Alla Montanara’ pasta — 360 rub.
Chicken fajitas — 420 rub.
Tea: 120 rub. — 180 rub.
Coffee: 55 rub. — 190 rub.

ArteFAQ is located in a quiet Moscow yard surrounded by old buildings which have been given to large companies and successful people in expensive cars.

The restaurant boasts an excellent bar made of matte glass and a wide dark wood counter. Sitting on comfortable chairs with chair backs, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful blonde with a charming look painted on the floor.

Above the bar, there is a cozy coffee house with soft chairs, table lamps and a futuristic leather sofa.

Part of the floor in the coffee house is glass so you could watch everything what’s going on down at the bar.

One more hall is situated near the coffee house and it has a fireplace, a piano, an old dresser and books. A lot of books.

In bathrooms, there is a real eye watching everybody.

On the whole, its interior overshadows both positive and, negative, if there is any, aspects of the restaurant.

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Chehovskaya 100 m, Pushkinskaya 330 m, Tverskaya 360 m
Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka street, 32, building 1

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