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Izymrydnaya street. 22, 28 k1

Graffiti park Area Graffiti


See the houses on skirt of the capital

Paintings to gladden your eyes on gray walls of Babushkinskiy district.

These illustrations amaze by its sizes and style combination. Bright drawings made this dull area a gallery under the open sky.

A word about how it was done.

First of all scaffolding was placed and painters made contours with sprays; then counters were filled with coloring. Big graffitis should be painted from special vehicles that hold boatswain's chair because scaffolding does not allow to take a step back and look at the whole piece. In order to keep right proportions two methods can be used:
— make a sketch, divide it into sections and paint in on the wall using scaling duplication.
— make a projection on the wall and draw upon projected contours.

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  • Hi! Just did a graffitti walk .. Great in the grafitti area. ..bit meditation Wall is over painted so u might delite that so ppl does not go there..
    0 23 July 2015 at 15:12


Moscow, Izymrydnaya street. 22, 28 k1

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