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Prospekt Mira 220 m, Suharevskaya 660 m

Park Pharmaceutic Garden


One of the oldest parks in Moscow which was founded in 1706 by Peter I

daily: 10:00–22:00

Admission for adults — 100 rub.
Reduced fair admission — 50 rub.
Evening admission — 150 rub, no discounts

Year subscription for day visits — 2,000 rub.

This place was founded for cultivation of medicinal plants. According to legend, Peter I planted here three trees — spruce, abies and larch. The larch tree is still alive.

During the fire of 1812 park burnt almost completely.

Today there are parts of old planning and some trees that were planted during foundation of the park. In XIX century, some exotic plants from Gorensky botanic garden of count Razumovky and from garden on Sparrow Hills were added to those who have been already planted.

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