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Ostrovityanova 9, apartment 5
  • (499) 749 66 56 — club, (965) 198 23 93, (905) 588 29 60

Kids club AnderSon


Children’s club for family holidays by AnderSon chain of family cafes

‘4 cereals’ with strawberry — 115 rub.
Cottage cheese pancakes served with jam and sour cream — 175 rub.
Fried eggs served with bacon and toasts — 95 rub.
Omelet — 115 rub.
Omelet served with dried tomatoes and salad mix — 215 rub.
Blackcurrants mousse — 195 rub.
Honey parfait with vanilla — 185 rub.
Profiterole served with ice cream and berries — 195 rub.

‘Anderson’ children’s club

‘Anderson’ is a chain of family cafes located on Academician Tupolev Embankment and Strastnoy Boulevard as well.

Each café has a children’s room and proprietary children’s menu. They deliver breakfasts, sandwiches and pastry.

This café serving mouth-watering pastry and desserts will be great for a children’s banquet. Also, they provide catering service and will be happy to throw a party at your home with a magnificent cake, animation programs and fascinating classes by Culinary Academy.

Moreover, starting from September, they hold English language lessons for children.

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