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Cinema 35mm

Watch art-house and festival movies on a big screen

  • +7 (495) 780 91 45
Krasnyie vorota 670 m, Chkalovskaya 750 m, Kurskaya 780 m 47/24 Pokrovka Street

Watch art-house and festival movies on a big screen

A dope place

— as a lot of other people I love this cinema theatre for its proximity to Clean Ponds, good repertoire and commendable audience.

— if you ask me where I saw movies that left the most unforgettable impression in my memory, there is no doubt I will tell you: ”in ‘35mm’”, because beside selected movies this is one of few places where you can here live voices of actors, and sometimes even meet them personal without pathos and middleman.

No popcorn and nachos which h is evidently wonderful

— a doughy guy with a bottle of beer in a pocket of a windbreaker won’t watch an unrenowned movie in original language. And I can tell you — that is wonderful.

— you won’t hear this cattle giggle for no reason, drunk loud discussions… and so on for eternity.

— 35mm is a great cinema hall with gorgeous repertoire: this is so called “intellectual cinema”, brilliant festival movies. I go there only to watch them, because you won’t see then in any other place.

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I don’t like

— a café — it’s not cozy, expensive and not tasty.

— the armchairs in a small hall are falling apart. The sound is awful, and I mean it. You can watch here only specking movies; any other special effect and loud sounds produce hissing and cracking noises.

— today (Feb. 6) when it is almost -20 outside no one even tried to turn on the heating in a big hall. As the result is froze a little bit less that thoroughly.

— yesterday during the cinema performance the picture was a blur, you could hardly read subtitles; we had to go out and ask a security to talk about it to cinema operator.

— right before the cartoon performance were teasers of three erotic movies with all the explicit scenes, outright replicas, etc. And this is a matinee, before the cartoon!

— everything could be perfect, but the personnel of this place!!! Unbearable attitude to visitors who, by the way, bring their income!

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Krasnyie vorota 670 m, Chkalovskaya 750 m, Kurskaya 780 m
Moscow, 47/24 Pokrovka Street

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