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Kitay-gorod 190 m, Lubyanka 470 m, Kuznetskiy most 620 m 4/2, Maroseyka Street
  • (495) 721 14 42

Cafe Patisserie Bakery Volkonsky



‘Volkonsky’ bakeries have their own baking secrets and traditions. Selected natural ingredients make their pasty exceptionally tasty and healthy. All bakeries stick to handwork. Thus, ‘Volkonsky’ revives lost baking traditions and forgotten bread recipes combining the best of French, Russian and Ukrainian cuisines.

Handmade bread only

Many popular Moscow and Kiev restaurants choose ‘Volkonsky’ bread for their clients.


The word ‘chocolate’ originated from the Aztec word ‘chocolātl’ which meant a drink of cacao beans and could be translated as ‘bitter water’.

Handmade chocolate products by ‘Volkonsky’ confectioners are a high-flown style in confectionery art.

‘Volkonsky’ offers over 30 kinds of chocolate candies, chocolate drinks of all flavors and sizes, and chocolate statuettes.

Today, four ‘Volkonsky’ places, from a cozy bakery to a large country café, successfully do business in Moscow.

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Kitay-gorod 190 m, Lubyanka 470 m, Kuznetskiy most 620 m
Moscow, 4/2, Maroseyka Street

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