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Smolenskaya 600 m 5/9, Glazovskiy Lane
  • (495) 664 48 99

Hostel Trip and Sleep


A cosy hostel 3 minutes walk from the Arbat Street

14-bed room — room A — 500-550 Rub
8-bed room — room B — 600-700 Rub
8-bed room — room C — 600-700 Rub
8-bed room — room D, ladies only — 700-800 Rub
4-bed room — room E 850-900 Rub

Trip and Sleep is a 2-level hostel able to take in up to 42 persons at once. Hotel rooms are intended for accommodating 4 to 14 persons. And we also have one specific room for girls only to stay.

The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, a microwave oven, a kettle, an electric stove and an oven, tableware and a water cooler. There are two toilets in the hostel and two bathrooms as well. One of the bathrooms has a Jacuzzi.

There are cosy sofas, a big TV-set with satellite television and DVD in our spacious living-room. We offer a mini-bar with different beverages and beer.

You can also enjoy free Internet at the two computers in the hall and free Wi-Fi all over the hostel.

Each bed has safe cells assigned to it where you can keep your personal stuff in. The cells are under camera supervision.

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Smolenskaya 600 m
Moscow, 5/9, Glazovskiy Lane

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