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Museum Watercolor


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Lolita, Пресс-служба Школы акварели Сергея Андрияки

Museums nearby address

Centre for Contemporary Art Winzavod

1 km

Museum Planetarium

Great Moscow planetarium opened on June 13th, 2001

5 km

Museum Bunker—42

Go to the Cold War bunker-museum to play spy games or strikeball

3 km

Medieval Tsar Residence Moscow Kremlin

Visit the symbol of Russian statehood

4 km

Museum Retro-cars

Museum with a collection of working retro cars

2.5 km

Soviet arcade machines 15 kop.

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

3 km

Gallery Tretyakov Gallery

4 km

Museum MAMM

Regular exhibitions of contemporary art and multimedia projects

5 km

Museum GMII Pushkina

4 km

Art park Muzeon

5 km

Museum Historical Museum

The largest national historic museum in Russia

3 km

Museum Bulgakov Museum

Visit a bad apartment ,where Woland gave his ball

5 km

Building Palaty Romanovykh

House of the Romanovs

3 km

Museum ММOМА Petrovka 25

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

3 km

Museum Astronautics Museum

Scientifically credible museum with aesthetically expressive exhibits and installations

7 km

Library Turgenev Atheneum

2 km

Museum Moscow Lights

Museum dedicated to the history of city lighting

2 km

Museum Jewish museum

5 km

Museum English Court

The old english court (1555)

3 km

Museum Russian Icon

2.5 km

Museum Moscow Museum

Museum about people who made this city as it is

6 km

Museum MMMA Tverskoy

4 km

Museum and Sex Shop Tochka G

Erotic Art Museum + Sex-Shop + Erotic Cafe

5 km

Underground Museum Stalin`s Bunker

The chief shelter under the «Sports and fitness company Izmailovo»

6 km

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