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Kuznetskiy most 230 m, Teatralnaya 320 m, Lubyanka 340 m 3 bldg. 3, Teatralny Lane
  • (495) 624 55 90

Cafe Lady Jane


Experience the atmosphere of an English lounge with a fireplace

daily: 18:00–06:00

Potato wedges served with sour cream — 250 rub.
Sea bass green salad — 350 rub.
Red lentils soup — 220 rub.
Green curry with chicken — 350 rub.
Buckwheat noodles with fillet — 490 rub.
Rib-Eye steak — 980 rub.
Duck Magret with oriental garnish — 590 rub.
Cheesecake 'New York' — 240 rub.
Tiramisu — 240 rub.

God Save the Queen and Lady Jane!

There are two halls in the café. One of them is club-like where you can dance, and the other one is a quiet room with a fireplace in the style of the English lounge.

The café serves European dishes with touches of Thai cuisine. Lamb’s leg and Tom Yum deserve to be mentioned separately.

In ‘Lady Jane’, you can taste strawberry, apple and grapefruit lemonade created by senior barman Kirill Falko.

The founders of the café devoted this place to Jane Ostin, Jane Eyre, Lady Jane Grey, the Lady Jane from the Rolling Stone’s song and other beautiful Janes who you might know.

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Kuznetskiy most 230 m, Teatralnaya 320 m, Lubyanka 340 m
Moscow, 3 bldg. 3, Teatralny Lane

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