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Chistyie prudyi 160 m, Turgenevskaya 220 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 260 m

Monument Griboyedov monument


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A building not built Palace of the Soviet

Monumental project, 420 m high, with Lenin atop

3 km

Kids gameplay Monstrum

5 km

Monument Monument of Peter I

Inside and outside of the awry monument by Zurab Tsereteli

3 km

Monument Zero Kilometer

Zero kilometer of russian highways

1.5 km

Monument King-Gun

See the historical heritage of Russian artillery and casting art

2 km

Place Place of Execution

Architectural monument of ancient Russia on the Red Square

1.5 km

Clock Puppet Clock

A famous clock on the wall of puppet theatre

2 km

Monument Yuri Dolgorukiy

A monument to knyaz who is traditionally considered to be a founder of Moscow

2 km

Monument The stool

3 km

Monument Make way for ducks

Cute duck family walking in the green park.

7 km

Мemorial Cosmonauts Alley

6 km

Sculpture The Oar Girl

The Oar Girl returns to Moscow

5 km

Bulvar Gogolevskiy

3 km

Monument Cheese «Druzhba»

The most famous processed cheese in the CIS

6 km

Memorial Gagarin Memorial

This is the very spot where people of the whole Moscow met cosmonaut No 1

7 km