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Dostoevskaya 440 m, Tsvetnoy bulvar 720 m, Mendeleevskaya 950 m 13 Samotechnaya Street
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Osteria Giuseppe


Best affordable Italian restaurant

Espresso — 90 rub.
Cherry ravioli — 100 rub.
Tortellini with Parma ham — 100 rub.
Fresh juice — 180 rub.
Frulatti strawberry and banana — 120 rub.
Salmon and red caviar sandwich — 250 rub.
Scamorza cheese and tomatoes pizza — 380 rub.
Mushroom pizza with pancetta — 400 rub.
‘Buffala’ pizza — 420 rub.
Rabbit lasagnette — 450 rub.
Risotto with white truffles — 550 rub.
Taliolini with quail, foie gras and truffles — 870 rub.

Affordable prices, take away dishes
If your order exceeds 2,000 rub. we will be happy to compliment you with a dessert.

Online order and delivery
Delivery price varies from 200 rub. to 300 rub. We have no minimum order. We deliver food in thermo packing which allows us to preserve its temperature and is suitable for microwave ovens.
If you order 8 or more pizzas, the delivery is free.

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  • Taliolini with quail, foie gras and truffles — 870 rub.d
    I think the truffles were actually morel mushrooms but delicious nevertheless.
    This is an incredible dish and well worth the price. I think Giuseppe is the perfect «hole in the wall» restaurant. There is a very nice chef and most dishes are modestly priced.
    0 16 October 2013 at 09:28


Dostoevskaya 440 m, Tsvetnoy bulvar 720 m, Mendeleevskaya 950 m
Moscow, 13 Samotechnaya Street

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