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Lubyanka 240 m, Ploschad Revolyutsii 270 m, Kuznetskiy most 290 m 10/2, Nikolskaya
  • (495) 621 74 77 , 621 06 68

Club Che


Revolutionary club with atmosphere of freedom and equality

Tuna salad ‘Ensalada de Tuna’ — 290 rub.
‘Privet, Soyuz’ tongue salad — 210 rub. (translated as ‘Hello, the Union!’)
Che Greek salad — 210 rub.
‘Afrikanets’ Cuban soup — 170 rub. (translated as ‘African man’)
Medallions ‘for comdiv’ — 480 rub. (translated as ‘for division commander’)
Pancakes ‘Russkiy s kubintsem, bratya navek!’ — 170 rub. (translated as ‘Russian and Cuban are brothers forever!’)
Che roast meat — 380 rub.
Baked potatos — 120 rub.

This 24/7 restaurant popularizes the spirit of unity.

Its walls are decorated with slogans, maps, gas masks and other military attributes. Interior features red-blue-and-white flags hung everywhere around. Tables and chairs are wooden.

The restaurant has two floors where you can drink original Cuban rum and glorify Che Guevara.

However, dress code and face control became so strict lately, that you begin to doubt the truthfulness of the words about “unity and equality”.

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Lubyanka 240 m, Ploschad Revolyutsii 270 m, Kuznetskiy most 290 m
Moscow, 10/2, Nikolskaya

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