Best shops in Moscow

Univermag Tsvetnoy

Shop & Bar Denis Simachёv

The Bookshop Falanster

Clothing store Fott Shop

Cafe Lebedev's Cafe

Store&Café on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

Farmer Projects Lavka Lavka

Support the local farmer!
Provide yourself with high quality rural food

Book and gift shop Dodo

Clothing store Kuznetsky most 20

Buy fashionable clothes and shoes in a conceptual place with a pleasant atmosphere

Flea Market Svoya polka

Shop Archive

Gifts Shop Coordi

Gallery & shop Maharadzha Interiors

See and buy furniture, textile and interior items of Rājasthān and Hastināpuram

The Bookshop Tsiolkovskiy

Shop & Cafe Ukuleleshnaya

Last reviews

Rory about Lebedev's Cafe
great place to hang out
Alexandra Vanenkovova about Dodo
they are now on Таганская улица, 31/22

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