Different Moscow

Zoo Moscow Zoo

Exhibition Centre All-Russia EC

Museum Oceanarium

The first oceanarium in Moscow — in RIO shopping centre

Hippodrome Central Hippodrome

Bet at the oldest hippodrome in Europe

Aquarium Moskvarium

Theme Park Ride / Attraction Koleso obozreniya

Theme Park Big Ferris Wheel

Сreative Mansion FreeLabs

Red October Rooftop Calligraphy

Culture center Meridian

Lecture Hall Lyceum of Tretyakovk

Theatre Kirilla Ganina

The most intimate and bobbish theatre where actors get naked on a stage

Memorialnyiy kompleks Poklonnaya gora

Airfield Drakino

Shipping Company Sudohodnaya

Rides on river Moscow

Cultural center Pokrovskie Vorota

Spiritual library founded by Catholics and Christians in 1993

Bulvar Yauzskiy

filling Station № 66

Aautodrome Moscow Raceway

Bulvar Gogolevskiy

Bulvar Petrovskiy

Exhibition Complex Expocentr

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