Galleries near «Kropotkinskaya» metro station

Museum MAMM

Regular exhibitions of contemporary art and multimedia projects

Museum Garazh

show-room Solyanke VPA

Center for Photography The Lumiere Brothers

1000 square meters of photography

Museum ММOМА Petrovka 25

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Art Center CHA

The Central House of Artists

Photocenter Photoraphy House

Gallery Art XIX-XX

Gallery of European and American Art of XIX-XX centuries

Art&Science Space Laboratoria

Join the science!

Gallery shop Baboushka

A gallery and an atelier at Sivtsev Vrazhek in a small shop of antique objects and memories.

Central Exhibition Hall Manege

Centre for Contemporary Art NCCA

One of the most popular exhibition spaces

Miscellanea Arhe

Gallary RuArts

Art Gallery Triumf

Art Gallery Komnata

Gallery GCF

  • Влад
  • Nika Davydov
  • Rina Anir
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Contemporary Art Center M'ARS

A diverse and unique art

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