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Polezhaevskaya 700 m 8A, Kuusinena Street
  • (499) 943 54 92

Restaurant Berezovaya Roshcha


daily: 11:00–01:00

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Restaurant Uilliam's

Uilliam Lamberti’s own restaurant

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Restaurant Time Out Bar

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Cafe & club Кvartira 44

Piano-bar and homemade food restaurant in an old Moscow apartment

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Shop & Bar Denis Simachёv

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Restaurant White Rabbit

  • Andrey Tishkov
  • Olesia Golyavina
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Paris café on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

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Restoran, bar i veranda 32.05

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Cafe Hachapuri

Eat khachapuri, khinkali and other current Georgian food

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Unusual for Moscow and typical for New York pizzeria by Isaac Correa

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While the country is crazy about imperialist fast food…

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Restaurant Kamin

Caucasian restaurant located near Polezhaevskaya metro station

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Restaurant Shinok

  • Аня Масалова
  • Влад
  • Dmytro A. Ivanov
  • Анжелика Михайлова
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The best restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in Moscow

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Restaurant Nobu

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Restoran Ugolek

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Farmer Projects Lavka Lavka

Support the local farmer!
Provide yourself with high quality rural food

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Supnyiy restoran Zupperia

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Café and Bar Ragout

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Cafe & Bar Cherdak

Grandma's lampshades and old red Soviet TV set

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Mediterranean Restaurant Sixty

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Restaurant Schaste na Kryshe

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Steak House Torro Grill

Steak house in ‘White Square’ business center

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