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Crimean Legend Kazantip

Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll under the Crimean sky

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Beach Club Beach №1

Art-Club Artishock

Nightclub Malibu

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Nightclub Plate

Entertaining Complex Solnyshko

Lounge Bar Zurbagan

Last reviews

len about Plate
Hi.. anyone have any postcards showing this place? Would love to add some to my collection... thanks.. Len
vova about Sound Сlub
I want to say that Sound night club is one of the Best dance clubs in europe. I have been to dance clubs all over europe spain amesterdam london and many more. Sound is special more that special it's the best ,with the best people the best music and an atmosphere that will stay with you forever. Keep pumping those tunes dudes . vovaRead more
Harcidotte about Kazantip
I wonder what it takes more — traveling or tripping — to get to Kazantip :)

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