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Crimean Legend Kazantip


Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll under the Crimean sky

Club Culture Festival

Annual fest in Crimea which holds more than 100,000 participants every year. Hundreds of best DJs from Russia and abroad take part in the event along with dancers, musicians, performers and other creative professionals. Although the territory of Kazantip Republic is limited, it is enough to let the visitors enjoy 10 dance-floors, about 30 bars and restaurants, 2 open air cinemas, 3 kite stations and a number of weird architecture samples. All of these are illuminated, with music in the background, turning at night into a space-station-like installation. The project is based in a very small provincial village by the sea.

Common people normally associate Kazantip Republic with Ibiza and BurningMan. Maybe it seems to them that — just like Ibiza —Kazantip is one huge party in the open air at the seashore which lasts for a month and where Djs, dancers and beautiful girls make a never ending show. Or they think that Kazantip resembles BurningMan, being a get-together for psychos and freaks obsessed with the idea to express themselves, soaked through with pagan traditions of fire and Sun worshiping.


It started in 1992 году as windsurfer competition with 78 participants — and 600 fans. Nikita, the future President of Kazantip Republic, who was then the President of Windsurfer Association, arranged for some music for these fans to make it more fun for them to hang out at the beach. Next year, when the fans grew even more numerous, some of them turned out to be DJs who brought their vinyl records — again just for fun.

The competition took place at Kazantip peninsula, close to neglected nuclear plant which was abandonned during construction after Chernobyl disaster. There it was in the open air, resembling an incredible huge Hollywood stage set for another Apocalypse movie. In 1997 the President went wild with the 'Night in the Reactor' party — and this started the tradition of Atomic Nights and made it into Russian history of Rave.

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  • I wonder what it takes more — traveling or tripping — to get to Kazantip :)
    0 11 September 2011 at 13:44



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