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Arbatskaya 600 m, Smolenskaya 640 m, Borovitskaya 980 m 17, Noviy Arbat Street
  • (495) 989 65 73

Cafe Zu


Asian cuisine adjusted to Russian taste

daily: 11:00–00:00

Jojoen salad — 80 rub.
Kimchi — 65 rub.
Asian duck salad — 270 rub.
Steamed bun with barbecued pork — 110 rub.
Wok — 290 rub.
Chicken spring roll — 95 rub.
Shrimp chips — 40 rub.
Thai fish cake — 195 rub.
Chinese glutinous rice — 140 rub.
Sichuan noodle soup — 170 rub.
Transparent soup with wontons — 185 rub.
Rice with shrimps, pork and eggs — 180 rub.

Malaysian and Shanghai chefs creating in the kitchen are true experts in dishes made in the wok, Asian soups and dim sums.

The kitchen is open which makes it possible for clients to watch their dishes being made. Cooks may add any additional ingredient you want into your dish.

Takeaway food is available and is served in special carton boxes.

‘Zu’ is a European café featuring Pan-Asian dishes, healthy food and green interior made of natural materials such as stone and wood. They write orders with a regular pencil.

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Arbatskaya 600 m, Smolenskaya 640 m, Borovitskaya 980 m
Moscow, 17, Noviy Arbat Street

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