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Zoloti Vorota 30 m, Teatralna 470 m, Universytet 700 m

Metro Zoloti Vorota


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  • The station was opened as part of the first stage of the Syretsko-Pecherska Line on December 30, 1989. The design contributed a number of architects, but the station itself is due to the masterpiece of Boris and his son Vadim Zhezherin and artistic architects S.Adamenko and M.Ralko. It features a column trivault, with the theme of the Architecture of Kievan Rus, for this the central vault was enlarged to allow for an interior reminiscent of an ancient Russian Orthodox cathedral. The motives include large chandeliers holding candle like light bulbs, and characteristic inter-vault and inter-column mosaics (artists G.Koren, V.Fedko). White marble, with matte polish was used for the walls and columns, deliberately further make the station imposing. Even the platform hall contains the chandeliers, albeit slightly smaller, and suspended from niches over the platform. Grey granite is used for the floor.

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Zoloti Vorota 30 m, Teatralna 470 m, Universytet 700 m

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