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Kurskaya 420 m, Chkalovskaya 550 m 4 Siromiatnichesky per. 1 building 6 (at Winzavod art center)
  • (495) 775 83 73

Gallery XL


See the radical gallery of contemporary art

Tue–Sun: 13:00–20:00

Among the Moscow galleries of contemporary art XL is considered t be thw most radical one

and at the same time the most famous on the West.

After gathering a lot of talented artists of different generations and styles, XL Gallery constantly brings diversity into exhibition life of the capital city.

We never wanted to adopt some western experience on purpose; our practice in a strange way overlapped the existing world image of contemporary arts. And ir became clear that we fit into the context.

Maybe is a coincidence, maybe it is predeterminacy. Everything is revolves around the same authors and ideas. It is obvious that western art is developing in terms of its own history that attracts our art as well.

Staying Hip

XL Gallery reacts fast on the changes in artistic context and tries to show new and unexpected ideas during its exhibitions.

We can “survive” only by joining the world artistic process.

One of the priorities is support and development of post-conceptional trend in contemporary Moscow art, and particularly, perverse and physiological projects.

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Kurskaya 420 m, Chkalovskaya 550 m
Moscow, 4 Siromiatnichesky per. 1 building 6 (at Winzavod art center)

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