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  • Trinity Bridge (Russian: Тро́ицкий мост, Troitskiy Most) is a bascule bridge across the Neva in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It connects Kamennoostrovsky Prospect with Suvorovskaya Square. It was the third permanent bridge across the Neva, built between 1897 and 1903 by the French firm Batignolles. It is 582 meters (1,909 ft) long and 23.6 meters (77 ft) wide.

    The bridge takes its name from the Old Trinity Cathedral which used to stand at its northern end. In the 20th century it was known as Equality Bridge (Russian: мост Ра́венства, 1918-1934) and Kirovsky Bridge (Russian: Ки́ровский мост, 1934-1999).


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