User Agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter — Agreement) outlines Terms and Conditions which apply to all Users of A-a-ah! Website (hereinafter – Website).

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By using this Website User accepts this Agreement and agrees to be bound by its terms as follows.

User agrees that s/he will use the Website for the lawful purposes exclusively. User agrees not to post any materials of the following sort or any links to the aforementioned materials which:

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User guarantees that s/he holds all necessary rights for the materials which s/he publishes on the Website and transfers all exclusive proprietary rights for this materials to Administration at the moment of the publication.

User agrees not to operate in any way that may lead to temporary or constant loss of Website functioning or may harm other Website Users or other websites users on the Internet.

User exploits Website on his/her own account exclusively. Administration bears no responsibility for any loss caused by Website usage or inability to use Website.

Website Administration reserves the right to deny Website access to User at any moment in its sole discretion.

Agreement last modified: 2012-11-09