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Rizhskaya 360 m 79, Mira prospectus
  • (495) 684 49 90

Restaurant Tibet Gimalai


Restaurant serving Indian and Tibetan dishes on Rizhskaya Square

daily: 08:00–00:00

Soen Labuk salad — 240 rub.
Shambhala lamb — 430 rub.
Paradise chicken wings — 250 rub.
Lhasa soup — 280 rub.
Lungta salad — 350 rub.
Luksha Shamok-Nutsa lamb — 400 rub.
Zira rice with garlic — 150 rub.
Chicken bryani — 270 rub.
Gulab jamun or Rastulla dessert — 165 rub.
Honey twiglets — 190 rub.

The restaurant occupies two levels: on the main floor there is a non-smoking area and on the second floor there is a larger smoking zone.

To those who are unfamiliar with Tibetan cuisine, we recommend three thraditional Tibetan dishes. ‘Momo’ or ‘Sha-momo’ resembles large dumplings filled with tender and juicy chopped lamb and crispy from the outside. ‘Tsam tuk’ is a rich soup with pieces of meat. The third dish which is worth tasting is ‘Soen Labuk’, a salad made of marinated radishes with ginger and coriander.

Apart from traditional dishes, you can order ‘Guakok’. Not only taste of this chicken and shrimps soup, but also the way it is served is very peculiar. They bring the soup on the burner, put it on your table and pour it into your plates. And the blazing fire makes the soup belch out steam.

Authentic Tibetan tea made of tea leaves, butter and salt is also worth tasting. They boil tea leaves in yak’s milk for several hours and then pour it into a special churn (donmo). After that they add salt and melted butter (made of yak’s milk as well) into the domno to whip it to a stiff consistency.

Although fruits and sweets are not really popular in Tibet, every sweet tooth will certainly like Tibetan national desserts — honey twiglets or hot, sweet thin flat cakes soaked in honey and served with dates.

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Rizhskaya 360 m
Moscow, 79, Mira prospectus

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