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Frunzenskaya 880 m Gorky Park

Sculpture The Oar Girl


The Oar Girl returns to Moscow


Legend says that the model for sculptor was Vera Voloshina, a schoolgirl from Kemerevo, who was 15 years old in 1934.

This sculpture was criticized in the year of its installation (1935), then it was moved to Lugansk.

By 1936 sculptor made new 8-meters high monument of concrete. This time Zoya Bedrindkaya posed for him. This particular sculpture was not so sexy, it was thinner and more romantic.

This sculpture was destroyed during air bombing of 1941. The same year, on November 29, Germans hung Voloshina (the first model) in Golovkovo Sovkhoz.


On September 3, 2001, within the park reconstruction plan legendary sculpture was returned. To be accurate, it is a scaled 4-meter high reproduction.

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  • The girl too sexy for Stalin is back, naked as the day she was created, on a riverfront pedestal in Gorky Park.

    The Wall Street Journal
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Frunzenskaya 880 m
Moscow, Gorky Park

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