Quests Exit The Room 6 Players Fearful quests Complicated 4 Players 5 6

U Samariterstraße 550 m, U Frankfurter Allee 770 m 10247, Berlin, Glatzer Str., 7
  • +49 (1515) 768 05 87

Escape game The madness

2 — 6 players

Escape game for those, who need a real adrenaline shot

Mission: to survive the darkness in the basement torture chamber of the psychiatric hospital. What’s waiting for you: fear, trembling, mind-boggling tasks and … maximum adventure!

2-3 personen 74 €
4 personen 84 €
5 personen 94 €
6 personen 104 €

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U Samariterstraße 550 m, U Frankfurter Allee 770 m
Berlin, 10247, Berlin, Glatzer Str., 7

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Exit The Room 6 Players Fearful quests Complicated 4 Players 5 6

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