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Ostashkovskoye highway,15 km Zhostovo
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Sports Club Tema


Live it up on a trampoline, skating rink, wakeboard, powered parachute, etc.

Paintball on weekdays – 350 rub.
On weekends and holidays – 450 rub.

Rent by an hour motor boat – 5,400 rub.

Rock-climbing wall on weekdays – 250 rub for one climbing
On weekends – 350 rub.

A suit – 2,000 rub./24 hours

Corporate leisure:
Officers’ tent (for 30-80 people) on weekdays – 7,000 rub.
On weekends and holidays – 10,000 rub.


A complex stands in a beautiful are of Moscow Region on 15 km of Ostashkovskoe highway in a village of Zhostovo that at all times was famous got its glorious nature which provides masters of Zhostovskaya factory with new motives in their creative work! A club lies in a very heart of this paradise in Moscow Region. Here everything is in a stone throw distance: a lovely bay where you can start your voyage to several water storage basins of Moscow, a restaurant on a pier, interesting fields for paintball which lie in a forest area and a vast range of sport amusements to meet any preferences.

A korchma and a bath-house

A korchma (tavern) represents a national authentic and simple beauty of Russian old-fashioned national culture. It has a specious banquette hall made of wood and equipped with the miraculous items of modern technologies. Inside you will find an atmosphere of national Russian isba of the end of XVII – beginning of the XVIII century.

What is the Russian izba, if there is no bath-house? There is a bath yard nearby the korchma which you can visit, if you want to.

Aquatic recreations

Motor boats rides is an excellent opportunity to precsind from a city rush and enjoy the splendor of Moscow Region nature.

Tow balloons are walled balloons attached to a towing motor boat which drags it behind on a water surface.

Oar boats gives you a great opportunity to feel the one and only enchanting power of water.

A wakeboard is riding behind a towing motor boat on a board.

Wake skate – not like a wakeboard – has no food bindings. A rider follows a motor boat holding onto a halyard.

Wakesurfing is a ride following the towing motor board. A boat is filled with a ballast which allows it to produce wave only from one board.

Hydrofoil is a board with a chair, foot bindings and, what is the most important, an underwater “wing”. Rider is sitting while being towed by a motor board.

Active leisure in the open air

Not far from a paintball field stands a shooting gallery made for shooting from several types of weapon.

A rock-climbing wall has 3 terraces of different degree of difficulty.

A tie park is a complex of attractions situated in 2 meters above the ground and consists of series of sequential trials.

An air (rope) city has a track of different trials that differ in height for moving.
There also will be sites for street ball, mini soccer and volleyball with making.

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Moscow, Ostashkovskoye highway,15 km Zhostovo

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