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Belorusskaya 790 m, Novoslobodskaya 980 m 11/13, Novolesnoi lane
  • (499) 250 20 84, 250 81 34, (903)780 48 37

Theatre Theatre of Taste


The one and only culinary theatre in Moscow

Tue–Sun: 11:00–17:00

Here theatrical and culinary arts unite.

During these performances there are no audience, every visitor becomes a participant of action turning into different heroes.

The main idea of our performances is home and family. A kitchen is a place where a lot of stories are born, and cuisine is a very important part of every culture and nation that was formed under influence of family values and traditions.

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Belorusskaya 790 m, Novoslobodskaya 980 m
Moscow, 11/13, Novolesnoi lane

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