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Chkalovskaya 440 m, Kurskaya 500 m, Krasnyie vorota 960 m 11/13 bldg. 1, Trekhprudny Lane

Collective project Theatre.doc


Visit volunteer non-commercial theatre where you won’t see stage acting


It was founded in 2001 by few play writers. This is a non-state, non-commercial, independent common project. A lot of work is carried out by volunteers on their own will.

Starting from 2002, theatre has shown more than 50 plays, hosted a lot of cultural activities, poetry and cinema meetings.

Documentary theatre

Most of the plays in Theatre.doc are made in genre of documentary theatre. Documentary theatre is based on non-fictional texts, interviews and destinies of real people; it is a special genre that stands on a line between art and constant social analysis.

«Verbatim» Technique

Creative team chooses a theme and starts poll among real people about whom they decided to ask specially for this play.

The questions themselves are very important. These questions are the basis for a future play.

Actors record interviews with a dictaphone and then bring written texts of these interviews and scene characters for the heroes.
Thus starts the work on a future play.

Orthodox “verbatim” is when there is no a single work added from the authors.

Deep interview

The “deep interviews” of an artist are a personal invention of the Theatre.doc. This is an immersion into hero’s circumstances. Actor appropriates documental materials of a character and gives interview, answer questions from am audience on his behalf as if he was a hero himself.

From idea of a poll to final interview play the main aim is to understand and analyze this interview as a scientist analyses a preserve.

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