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Playgroun Taka Tuka Land


Taka Tuka Land by Baupiloten

The Baupiloten are a group of students at the architectural faculty of the Berlin Technical University who carry out building projects under Susanne Hofmann’s guidance and supervision.

They have completed their third project. It is already the second one for the client ASB Kinder.— and Jugendhilfe GmbH, Berlin. Within the scope of the refurbishment the Baupiloten created a completely new conceived world from the temporary structure of the kindergarten as imagined by the children. The results are interactive and communicative interior spaces as well as a multifunctional façade according to Astrid Lindgren’s story. The construction costs were extremely low due to the recycling of material and the economical renewal of the damaged building substance. Concept design started in 2005 and completion was in March 2007.

Pippi Longstockings’s “Taka-Tuka-Land”, according to Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book of the same title, not only bestowed the name to the kindergarten but turned into architecture. The Baupiloten and the child minder inspired the children to design their own vision of “Taka-Tuka-Land”. Their concepts of singing bridges as well as huts, the merry-go-round made of petals and the shell-throne belonging to Pippi’s father gave the Baupiloten an inkling of spatial qualities the children imagined for their new kindergarten. With the help of collages and architectural models the Baupiloten then communicated their views to the staff and the children. Thus the end users had had a direct involvement in the design of their newly built environment. The daily observation of the children’s play and the routine was a further inspiration to the Baupiloten.

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U Schillingstraße 720 m, U Weberwiese 880 m

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