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7th Avenue 200 m, 57th Street 320 m, 50th Street 330 m 254 West 54th Street

Legend Studio 54


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  • Covering Studio 54 was like covering the big bang. On April 26, 1977 — a long time before superstar D.J.’s, before velvet ropes, before anyone had ever heard of “club drugs” like XTC, 2CB, and special K—Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager let there be light and speed and spectacle so preternaturally pleasurable that it had to fall apart. But while the ball lasted, there was no more thrilling nightlife than the dance on West 54th Street. I know, because I was there. Studio 54 was my beat as the “Intelligencer” columnist. Go forth and party with Halston, Bianca, Andy, and Liza, said my editor, and bring back the buzz.

    New York Magazine
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7th Avenue 200 m, 57th Street 320 m, 50th Street 330 m
New York, 254 West 54th Street

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