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Kahovskaya 330 m, Sevastopolskaya 430 m, Nahimovskiy prospekt 900 m 23, Marshala Katukova Street
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Striptease school Sindi


Learn striptease in professional school with group and individual trainings

Single lesson — 500 rub.
Subscription certificate for 12 lessons per month — 4,200 rub.

Single trainings a possible only by previous appointment with administration and in case of availability of free places in a group.

Did you want to find a school in Moscow to learn how to dance striptease?

In our studio of erotic dance we teach striptease from beginning. Our program includes:
— pole dance
— pole acrobatics
— choreography
— stretching
— strip plastics
— lap dance
— private dance
— striptease

Trainings take place 3 times a week and lasts 2 hours.

Other striptease school usually hold 2 training per week for 1 hour.

One half of each training (1 hour) is devoted to pole dance and strip plastics, and the other one to classical choreography (including stretching — a complex of exercises for development of body flexibility).

That is why our dancer differ from students of other schools in grace, flexibility, neater moves and dignity of posture.

We have poles of 38mm, 45 mm and 51mm in diameter. Some of them are static, some are tuning, and some of them can switch between these two options. As the result our dancers feel confident on every stage. There is no other such school in Moscow.

As of today, more than 25 student of our school became teachers of striptease in our school or in other schools, or even have opened their own schools. They have also taken part in Poledance contests several times. And some of our students work in night clubs as dancers. No other striptease school in Moscow has not given such great number of teachers and contest winners who were learn from “zero” level.

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Kahovskaya 330 m, Sevastopolskaya 430 m, Nahimovskiy prospekt 900 m
Moscow, 23, Marshala Katukova Street

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