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Mayakovskaya 510 m, Tverskaya 670 m, Pushkinskaya 710 m 22/31, Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya street
  • (495) 699 71 72

Restaurant Old Paphos


Cypriot tavern

daily: 12:00–00:00

Meat meze — 2,600 rub.
Fish meze — 2,700 rub.
Vegetarian meze — 2,200 rub.

Lemonato — 380 rub.
Kotsi — 690 rub.
Musaca — 290 rub.
Cipura Levant — 860 rub.
Fisherman’s soup — 370 rub.
Tarhana soup — 290 rub.
Cyprus salad — 260 rub.
Mimis salad — 670 rub.
Commandaria salad — 390 rub.
Galaktoboureko — 280 rub.
Commandaria panna cotta — 180 rub.

Paphos is a city which used to be the capital of Cyprus ages ago.

The primary appeal of the restaurant is its Meze ceremony: clients are served various appetizers and snacks bit by bit and can never eat them all.

‘Old Paphos’ offers a wide selection of authentic entrees, salads and soups.

Its interior features a lot of lamps creating an effect of a golden glow. Walls are covered with mythic scenes.

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