Carabanchel 550 m, Vista Alegre 620 m, Eugenia de Montijo 760 m Carabanchel

Building House In Carabanchel


Social housing in Madrid

Social Housing In Carabanchel by Coco Arquitectos

Outlying contexts surrounded by city border highways, fields, malls… require consistent answers. These are places where any action demands the same audacity, for example, a leaning building. The construction expresses with the language of kinetic, fitting its shape parallel to the slope while the ground floor retrieves the level of the plot defining streets.

The building plan is a thin strip, with narrow apartments opened onto two different scenes: one side the city, the other the wide private garden. Every unit has a room which crosses from side to side, opening simultaneously to both of them. We seek for dwelling with blurred frontiers between spaces, where inner room shape can be changed, and with the presence of an extra room. A room floating outside the building, attached to the facade, large enough to accommodate any domestic activity.

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Carabanchel 550 m, Vista Alegre 620 m, Eugenia de Montijo 760 m
Madrid, Carabanchel

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