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Nagatinskaya 560 m 38, Varshavskoe Highway
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Theatre Sobytie


Common existence with audience

daily: 12:00–21:00

Tickets: 100-400 rub.

“Sobytie” theatre started when the major part of graduates of Yuriy Kara workshop and Boris Grigoryev of 2010 decided not to go into different theatres, but to found a theatre of their own.

Actors started to make their own plays when they were second-year student. It was “The Metamorphosis” by Kafka, “Banquet” which took part in various festivals and that was followed by “Seagull”, “The Lonesome West”, “The Hamlet”.

Plays of “Sobytie” are very different – from strictly acting and abstract ones to absolute household plays built on acting. But all of them are united by its chamber atmosphere written for small scene.

Sobytie (meaning “common existence”) is a promise and interaction.

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