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Rimskaya 540 m, Ploschad Ilicha 640 m 38, Rabochaya Street
  • (916) 143 43 66

Art-floor Shokoladnaya Fabrika


Delicious dishes of music, art and poetry are on the menu

Thu: 00:00–01:00
Thu–Sat: 18:00–01:00
Sun: 18:00–00:00

Beer — 140 rub. — 250 rub.
Espresso — 100 rub.
Turkish coffee (on sand) — 150 rub.
Hot chocolate — 150 rub.
Tiramisu — 130 rub.
Apple or cherry strudel served with ice cream — 130 rub.
Fried banana served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream — 170 rub.
Hookah — 500 rub. — 900 rub.

‘Shokoladnaya Fabrika’ has transformed from an art basement into an art floor preserving its music/art/poetry orientation.
‘Torba-na-Kruche’, ‘Gera Morales’, ‘7B’, ‘Umka i bronevichok’, ‘Sobaki Kachalova’ and ‘Znaki’ are among those who performed on its stage. Exhibitions of young artists, designers and photographers are held on a regular basis.

‘Shokoladnaya Fabrika’ consists of a large shop, the heart of its production; small shop featuring a dark stellar sky which is a place where concerts and movie shows are held; sampling hall, a place where they enjoy both spiritual and chocolate food; and other curious metal constructions.
All halls are available for rent (for corporate parties, wedding parties, children’s parties and other celebrations).

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