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Centraal Station 240 m, Nieuwmarkt 570 m “Venustempel” Damrak 18
  • +31 020 622 83 76

Museum Sexmuseum Amsterdam


Entrance — 4 euro

A bull's-eye

The «Venustempel» opened its doors in 1985. There were some apprehensive moments at first because the initial collection was limited to a small display of 19th century erotic objects, exhibited in a few showcases. Nobody knew if the idea would really take off. However the first visitors were so enthusiastic that it was decided to expand the collection — the general public was fascinated by the new museum.

The most natural thing

There were museums for practically everything except sex. Despite sex intriguing (nearly) everybody and being the subject of so much heated discussion, it was not until the «Venustempel» was opened that the historical and artistic aspects of sex were fully highlighted. «The most natural thing in the world» is probably also «the most historically well-documented thing in the world». Looking back with hindsight, this success was to be expected. The art of loving has been translated into a thousand and one different shapes and forms in the course of the centuries and this is what the museum is all about.

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Centraal Station 240 m, Nieuwmarkt 570 m
Amsterdam, “Venustempel” Damrak 18

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