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Performans Screamed Quest

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3 — 6 players
Price: 4000 — 6000 rubles
С актёрами
Book a visit
Отправьтесьна performans
для команды от 3 до 6 человек

Sunday 4 December5 000 р.00:3002:0003:3005:0006:3008:0009:3012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:305 000 4 000 р.21:3023:00

Monday 5 December5 000 4 000 р.00:305 000 р.02:0012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Tuesday 6 December5 000 р.00:3002:0012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Wednesday 7 December5 000 р.00:3002:0012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Thursday 8 December5 000 р.00:3002:0012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Friday 9 December5 000 р.00:3002:0012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Saturday 10 December5 000 р.00:3002:0003:3005:0006:3008:0009:3012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Sunday 11 December5 000 р.00:3002:0003:3005:0006:3008:0009:3012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Monday 12 December5 000 р.00:3002:0012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Tuesday 13 December5 000 р.00:3002:0012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Wednesday 14 December5 000 р.00:3002:0012:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

Thursday 15 December5 000 р.00:3002:00

Friday 16 December5 000 р.12:0013:3015:0016:3018:0019:3021:3023:00

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Maniacs quests With actor Contact performances Fearful quests 5 6

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