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Trubnaya 490 m, Kuznetskiy most 510 m, Chehovskaya 660 m Neglinnaya street 14/3-7
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Restaurant Sandune


Get absorbed into the refined atmosphere of the 19th century

About the restaurant

Sanduny is a restaurant which preserved the refined atmosphere of the 19th century and, coupling it with comfort, can meet the demands of most sophisticated clientele. From Monday till Friday, the restaurant invites you to taste its business lunch. It also shows sports games and tournaments surprising its visitors with gifts and prizes. Proprietary Sanduny liqueurs made according to old family recipes, are the trademark of Sanduny.

Marriages are made in heaven, but weddings are celebrated in Sanduny!

Very few people know that the story of Sandunóvskie Baths (Sanduny) is connected with a great love story. First Sandunóvskie baths were built by actors Sandunovs, who were very brave and loved each other. They had to undergo through persecution of a powerful count, mockery and a threat of being exiled and it is their love that helped them overcome all these obstacles. Catherine II became the protector of their marriage and due to her dowry they were able to build Sandunóvskie baths in Moscow. Their amazing love story went the rounds and people began to believe that those baths could bring them good luck. They believed that before wedding a bride had to come to one of the Sandunóvskie baths and wash herself with water from a silver bowl to make the marriage strong and happy. Today, there appears a new tradition, celebrating weddings in Sanduny restaurant because it was recreated according to the old documents to preserve the atmosphere of the 19th century.

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Trubnaya 490 m, Kuznetskiy most 510 m, Chehovskaya 660 m
Moscow, Neglinnaya street 14/3-7

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